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Common Speaking Environments

  • Parents: PTA meetings, small groups, Sunday school classes, parent gatherings, Sex Advisory committee meetings, Sex Education Curriculum parent meetings.
  • Students: 7-10th grade students in public school, private school, and youth group/small group/church environments.
  • Events: Ladies retreats, Pregnancy Center's continuing education,Pregnancy Center's National Affiliate trainings.
  • Teachers: Health teachers (6th - 9th grade) pre-planning and in service training.



“The concepts presented…are simple, practical—yet eye-opening. Reading this book can have a positive effect on your family for generations to come.” 

Dr. Doug Roseneau, author of the bestseller A Celebration of Sex


“As the mom of a teen daughter, I am so grateful for Talli’s practical experience and wisdom.” 

Shaunti Feldhahn, best-selling author of For Women Only and For Parents Only 


“This book contains accurate information that powerfully shows the benefits of healthy choices and the consequences that await young people who become entangled in the web of teen sexual promiscuity.  Talli presents the facts with great accuracy but also with a compelling message of kindness and care.  I urge every parent to read this book, it can change their child’s future and provide everlasting benefits.”  

Dr. Joe McIlhaney, obstetrician and infertility specialist, author of Hooked and Girls Uncovered, founder of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health 


"Talli's book is right on target!!  Teenagers today are so emotionally overwhelmed...trying to process through their emotions requires an army of support. As parents we need the knowledge to provide the support they need. Talli's easy to read and no nonsense approach empowers just that.  My husband and I will be sharing these insights with our children - hope you will too."

Leigh Cappillino, Point of Grace (Girls of Grace)


"Parents looking for a user-friendly guide to raising healthy teens will love this positive and practical book. Talli clearly outlines how to engage in sexual health conversations with your teen son or daughter, helping parents be directive and proactive--starting now. This book lives up to the promise to equip parents to counter the culture which threatens our future--today's teens."  

Kim Ketola, Author of the book Cradle my Heart, Finding God's Love After Abortion


"Talli has been around the block professionally many times and knows her stuff when it comes to having her finger on the pulse of the culture of today's youth. If you have been entrusted with influencing the next generation - whether they are your own kids or someone else's – consider this book a solid resource for you to lean into and learn from."  

Michael Todd Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist, Co-author Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality 


“Every parent’s dreaded nightmare is the day they have to have the sex talk. Talli Moellering provides invaluable resources for every parent who longs to prepare their child for the realities of this highly sexualized world, but has no idea how to do it. Talli will give you both tools and insights into the critical issues and educate you about what and how to talk to your teen.”  

Jennifer Stuckert, MA MFT, LPC


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a great tool for families to have when they’re raising their teenage sons and daughters.  I can honestly say it is the best book I have ever read on this subject. I especially appreciate how it combines the medical, physical, and even spiritual components of this tough topic. Thank you for creating this amazing resource to equip and protect the young people.”

Dr. Chip Harbaugh, Board Certified Pediatrician, previous CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance, served on 5 national American Academy of Pediatrics committees plus the Center for Disease Control


Comments from Talli’s audience: 

“Talli Moellering is a highly engaging and down-to-earth speaker when it comes to addressing those sensitive topics that parents must, but are many times tentative to, discuss with their teens.  Talli’s main objective is to empower parents to talk to their teen about the hot topic of teen sex and related dangers.  She uses a “whole person” approach which includes the physical, psychological, social and financial connections to teen sexual activity.  Her statistics and facts are compelling . . . her sense of urgency is palpable . . . and her discussion tips are frank, realistic and practical.  Parents walk away with much to think about, armed with a plethora of ideas for these solid discussions with their teens, and asking when Talli can come back and speak again!”  

Principal, Forsyth County Middle School, Georgia 

“Aaaah…words of truth, I agreed with you 100%. Now my mission is to implement your ideas! It’s do-able. God never promised it would be easy to parent but has promised he would never give me more than I can handle with Him by my side. Thank you for giving me the motivation to renew my commitment to open communication and listening more than I talk.”  

Lynn, mother of 3 (2 daughters and one son)



ImageGet your facts straight!

Oral sex is a risky alternative, yet a popular one among Middle School and High School students.

Each year, there are about 19 million new Sexually Transmitted Infections; half of which are infecting young people under the age of 25.

When conception occurs (the egg and the sperm getting together), the baby's features, including sex, hair and eye color, are determined -prior to implantation.


Annually there are at least 34,000 abortions in the state of GA. The majority of these abortions are young girls under the age of 23.  

70% of 19 year olds are sexually active.


Questions for you, the parent:

  • Is society presenting a message about sex to your teen?
  • Do you agree with the message your teen is hearing? 
  • What are you proactively doing to counter the message?
  • Are you confident in your approach?
  • Do you know how to be relevant and meet your teen right where they are?

Does your teen need help?


TLC Consultants

So what are parents saying?

Thank you! It was a great presentation and worth going to. On the way home my wife and I had a meaningful talk about how we will begin to implement some of the concepts to our kids. You are very passionate and it's fun to hear!

AVAILABLE NOW! The Spiritual Side of the Sex Conversation

This is a great resource for parents to process through for assistance with this conversation from Biblical perspective.

The parent training's that I offer are very in-depth. If you've attended one I think you would agree. Due to the intensity of the conversation it's truly not possible for me to fully provide the spiritual or the Biblical components of this message in the allotted time. So, I've created a 13-page PDF that will act as a solid resource for parents to lean into during their everyday conversations with their teens.

Here's a brief description of the topics covered:

  • The Biblical purpose of sex is multifaceted
  • Scripture does not connect sex to guilt
  • Sex is God-ordained and God-given
  • *Our identity is in Christ
  • Sex is good
  • Sex is more than just physical
  • Sex is intimacy
  • What if I've had sex and I'm not married?
  • But sexual sin is so tempting
  • Feelings aren't reliable
  • God wants to bless us
  • God wants us to be spiritually healthy
  • God wants us to be physically healthy
  • God wants us to be emotionally healthy
  • God calls us to show consideration and respect to others
  • God wrote the definition for love
  • God doesn't necessarily remove the consequences
  • God has a perfect plan for our lives
  • God wants us to be Jesus with skin on
  • God places red flags and warning signs in our life for our own good
  • How far can I go?
  • Does saving sex guarantee great sex?
  • God shows us grace
  • We need to pray!
  • We have to talk!

Now, if you know me, you are already laughing, because I used the word brief. As you can see, for those who don't know me, my definition of "brief" might be a little more intense than your definition of brief.

Yes! There is a fee for this resource. It's only $10.00, which is extremely generous.

I do have a copyright on this material so please honor me and my time developing it. Please don't make copies, distribute it, email it to a friend, give it to your Bible study group, or use these concepts without giving recognition to the source.

When you purchase it, and I hope you will, and you find it's valuable, and I hope you will, and you want to share it with others, and I hope you do, please provide them with this link to purchase it. Your referrals are greatly appreciated.

Positive or Negative peer pressure...

Peer Pressure

Which one do your teens
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