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Common Speaking Environments

  • Parents: PTA meetings, small groups, Sunday school classes, parent gatherings, Sex Advisory committee meetings, Sex Education Curriculum parent meetings.
  • Students: 7-10th grade students in public school, private school, and youth group/small group/church environments.
  • Events: Ladies retreats, Pregnancy Center's continuing education,Pregnancy Center's National Affiliate trainings.
  • Teachers: Health teachers (6th - 9th grade) pre-planning and in service training.
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Talli Moellering’s notable background has given her many valuable insights and engaging, practical methods for teaching parents about teen sexual activity. Whether presenting to tweens, teens or parents, she does so in such a way that enables all audience members to relate to her message. Not only does Talli have a bachelor’s degree in business management, she is also certified as a Sexual Risk Avoidance and Post Abortion Recovery Specialist.

As the co-founder and executive director of True Life Choices, a non-profit organization in Indiana, Talli was successful in establishing an overall plan of action for the effective teaching of sex education in the public schools. During this time, Talli provided classroom instruction for 6th through 12th grade students, shared important curriculum components with their parents, and trained other educators to deliver the message effectively.

Talli and her husband then moved to Georgia where she spent her time training health educators in the public schools across the state of Georgia to deliver the standard sex education curriculum with a medically accurate focus on saving sex for marriage. This platform also placed Talli in front of thousands of parents – parents in many different walks of life, with many different backgrounds and beliefs, trying to figure out how to tackle the tough topic of teen sex.

In 2009, Talli transitioned into the role of the Executive Director of a medical pregnancy center that currently serves approximately 2,000 individuals annually. The young men and women walking into the doors of the pregnancy center are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and emotional regret. Both of the centers Talli oversees provide pregnancy verification, limited ultrasound, STI testing, options education, and post-abortion recovery. This environment provides Talli with ample opportunity to speak truth into the lives of individuals in crisis and lead a team of 11 employees to do the same.

Talli MoelleringIn 2011, Talli launched a new Prevention Initiative in the public schools systems in the Atlanta area. This initiative is currently serving 5,000 students and 400 parents per year. Talli created the presentations being implemented into the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade classrooms. Adoption of the Prevention Initiative entailed a two-year-long process of interacting with the school district’s board of education and Sex Advisory Committees.

Throughout her 15 years of working in this field, Talli’s foremost passion is always evident: to educate and motivate parents to talk to their teen about sex. Through parent training workshops, Talli encourages parents to be on the front lines – fighting for their teen’s future in a relevant manner that challenges the teen to understand that choices they make today will impact their life tomorrow. Talli is keenly aware that her message of not participating in teen sexual activity is against current societal norms. Regardless, Talli continues to leverage her expertise, knowing that if parents take an active role in this process, teens will make healthier choices that benefit them greatly.

Over the years, Talli has met many parents who desire to educate their teens about the facts surrounding teen sexual activity but lack the confidence and “how-to” tools to do so. The Pure Sexual Freedom model that Talli presents is a valuable training tool moving parents past their fears and lack of knowledge.  The diverse audiences Talli has presented these concepts to –students, parents, and educators – have provided her with a relevant understanding of how to address a difficult yet potentially lifesaving message to varied groups. 

It is often sadly assumed that Talli has a hidden agenda in regards to the religious side of this message. When questioned, Talli confidently responds by sharing that all public school presentations in the 30+ counties that she has presented in throughout the last 23 years have been evidence based presentations. If a faith based message is requested by a private entity, Talli will gladly accept this opportunity.

Everyone might not totally agree on the solution to the sexual world our teens are living in, yet, Talli knows, that as parents we are presented with a need to parent well in the midst of it all.  Talli desires to assist parents as they navigate through this era.  In the heat of passion, a teen rarely thinks about the serious ramifications of their decision to engage in sexual activity.  Couple that with the driving search for approval from peers and the incredible social pressure of bullying, and you have an age-old formula for difficulties.  But amplify all of that with the emerging digital potential for universal and permanent exposure of humiliating personal details and photos, along with scathing opinions and taunts in social media, and as Talli shares, as families, we find our selves living in a whole new world.

Yes, Talli agrees the topic of teen sexuality is personal. And, yes, Talli also agrees the right of a parent to parent how they see fit is also personal.  Some parents have seen or experienced firsthand how lives can be drastically affected by a few moments of sexual pleasure and others truly don't feel there is an issue or a reason to concerned. But many parents have questions and concerns about the potential consequences related to this topic and therefore they're looking for constructive ideas on how to address it.

So, the purpose of the Parent Trainings is simply to equip the parents that desire to be equipped and are looking for ideas on how to counter today's sex-saturated culture and address the realities that are relevant today.  The main goals are to: inform parents of current, important facts pertaining to teen sexual activity, remove barriers that keep parents from discussing the importance of healthy sexual boundaries, self-respect, and respect for others, and to equip parents with relevant, creative concepts and tools to address this topic within their own home environment.

Talli and her husband David are the parents of three daughters who regularly provide them with real-life scenarios that often translate into practical, realistic teaching methods that parents can readily implement. Because Talli and David are in the midst of the parenting process, they understand how difficult this challenge can be.



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So what are parents saying?

Thank you for helping me better understand the facts - I learned a lot!
Great visuals and great PowerPoint!

AVAILABLE NOW! The Spiritual Side of the Sex Conversation

This is a great resource for parents to process through for assistance with this conversation from Biblical perspective.

The parent training's that I offer are very in-depth. If you've attended one I think you would agree. Due to the intensity of the conversation it's truly not possible for me to fully provide the spiritual or the Biblical components of this message in the allotted time. So, I've created a 13-page PDF that will act as a solid resource for parents to lean into during their everyday conversations with their teens.

Here's a brief description of the topics covered:

  • The Biblical purpose of sex is multifaceted
  • Scripture does not connect sex to guilt
  • Sex is God-ordained and God-given
  • *Our identity is in Christ
  • Sex is good
  • Sex is more than just physical
  • Sex is intimacy
  • What if I've had sex and I'm not married?
  • But sexual sin is so tempting
  • Feelings aren't reliable
  • God wants to bless us
  • God wants us to be spiritually healthy
  • God wants us to be physically healthy
  • God wants us to be emotionally healthy
  • God calls us to show consideration and respect to others
  • God wrote the definition for love
  • God doesn't necessarily remove the consequences
  • God has a perfect plan for our lives
  • God wants us to be Jesus with skin on
  • God places red flags and warning signs in our life for our own good
  • How far can I go?
  • Does saving sex guarantee great sex?
  • God shows us grace
  • We need to pray!
  • We have to talk!

Now, if you know me, you are already laughing, because I used the word brief. As you can see, for those who don't know me, my definition of "brief" might be a little more intense than your definition of brief.

Yes! There is a fee for this resource. It's only $10.00, which is extremely generous.

I do have a copyright on this material so please honor me and my time developing it. Please don't make copies, distribute it, email it to a friend, give it to your Bible study group, or use these concepts without giving recognition to the source.

When you purchase it, and I hope you will, and you find it's valuable, and I hope you will, and you want to share it with others, and I hope you do, please provide them with this link to purchase it. Your referrals are greatly appreciated.

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