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Common Speaking Environments

  • Parents: PTA meetings, small groups, Sunday school classes, parent gatherings, Sex Advisory committee meetings, Sex Education Curriculum parent meetings.
  • Students: 7-10th grade students in public school, private school, and youth group/small group/church environments.
  • Events: Ladies retreats, Pregnancy Center's continuing education,Pregnancy Center's National Affiliate trainings.
  • Teachers: Health teachers (6th - 9th grade) pre-planning and in service training.
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What personal or professional insights have you gained from attending this training?
  • Instead of preaching abstinence and don’t have sex before marriage, tell them you want to prepare them to have great sex with their future spouse.
  • I really liked the framework that you gave for educating our children—great sex verses the rules approach.
  • How to use the medical perspective to “sell” intimacy to our kids.
How would you describe the impact this training could have on a community?
  • Eye-opening. Life Changing for this current generation that is so at risk and misled.
  • Huge! Need to get this out!
  • It is so needed—you have such great info that so many parents would love to hear and need to hear.
  • Very effective, helpful, lots of facts and knowledge
What additional concepts/topics would be of interest to you in the future?
  • A list of books you would recommend reading to our kids at various ages on this topic.
  • I would like to have the rest of your information, it was too short! I will sign up for a class if you teach it.
  • More time to discuss dating do’s and don’ts long term and the impact of being sexually active early on.


"This parent presentation gave parents the opportunity to see why the public schools in our state approach sexual health the way they do, and it educated parents about the concern of teen sexual activity.  The professional experience and wealth of knowledge Talli brings to the presentation helps the parents understand the magnitude of the issue and the depth and detail that our county has given to selecting the best program possible for our students."

Kathy Carpenter, Principal, Forsyth County Middle School, Georgia 


"I want to thank you again for speaking at Piney Grove this week.  It was another great talk that opened the eyes of those parents who attended.  As a few of the parents arrived, they told me that "they had to leave before 8:30". However, I noticed that they stayed until you finished at 8:45pm.  Everyone was totally engrossed in your presentation.  Although sex is more often than not, an uncomfortable subject for parents to comprehend in context with their own children, you provided them with valuable insight that will help them deal with those situations that do arise as well as what to say to kids to avoid problems before they become reality.  You are an excellent speaker and give a wonderful presentation!"



"Talli, today I learned a lot from you. I was so motivated with your strategies that I began to apply them as soon as I walked back into the classroom. Giving a critical thinking question back in response to a child really works. Presentation is everything and I really wished we could have had the entire day to learn from you. Having teens of your own to deal with makes a difference in the projection of what you are teaching. Please come back and update us again in the future. I am sure that the other Floyd County school teacher feel the same way."

Beverly, Floyd County Schools, Health Teacher



TLC Consultants

So what are parents saying?

Thank you! It was a great presentation and worth going to. On the way home my wife and I had a meaningful talk about how we will begin to implement some of the concepts to our kids. You are very passionate and it's fun to hear!

AVAILABLE NOW! The Spiritual Side of the Sex Conversation

This is a great resource for parents to process through for assistance with this conversation from Biblical perspective.

The parent training's that I offer are very in-depth. If you've attended one I think you would agree. Due to the intensity of the conversation it's truly not possible for me to fully provide the spiritual or the Biblical components of this message in the allotted time. So, I've created a 13-page PDF that will act as a solid resource for parents to lean into during their everyday conversations with their teens.

Here's a brief description of the topics covered:

  • The Biblical purpose of sex is multifaceted
  • Scripture does not connect sex to guilt
  • Sex is God-ordained and God-given
  • *Our identity is in Christ
  • Sex is good
  • Sex is more than just physical
  • Sex is intimacy
  • What if I've had sex and I'm not married?
  • But sexual sin is so tempting
  • Feelings aren't reliable
  • God wants to bless us
  • God wants us to be spiritually healthy
  • God wants us to be physically healthy
  • God wants us to be emotionally healthy
  • God calls us to show consideration and respect to others
  • God wrote the definition for love
  • God doesn't necessarily remove the consequences
  • God has a perfect plan for our lives
  • God wants us to be Jesus with skin on
  • God places red flags and warning signs in our life for our own good
  • How far can I go?
  • Does saving sex guarantee great sex?
  • God shows us grace
  • We need to pray!
  • We have to talk!

Now, if you know me, you are already laughing, because I used the word brief. As you can see, for those who don't know me, my definition of "brief" might be a little more intense than your definition of brief.

Yes! There is a fee for this resource. It's only $10.00, which is extremely generous.

I do have a copyright on this material so please honor me and my time developing it. Please don't make copies, distribute it, email it to a friend, give it to your Bible study group, or use these concepts without giving recognition to the source.

When you purchase it, and I hope you will, and you find it's valuable, and I hope you will, and you want to share it with others, and I hope you do, please provide them with this link to purchase it. Your referrals are greatly appreciated.

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